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About The Project

Problem to Solve

Fort Collins-based classical artist Saskia Becker needed an e-commerce platform that matched her unique artistic style and allowed her to manage her limited product line effectively. Her work, known for its depth created by painting over three-dimensional models, required a website that could encapsulate the creativity and intricacy of her pieces.

History of the Client

Saskia Becker is an innovative classical artist who has developed a distinctive technique by integrating three-dimensional models into her paintings. This approach not only adds a unique depth to her artwork but also sets her pieces apart in the competitive art world.


The target audience for Saskia Becker’s art includes art collectors, galleries, and enthusiasts who appreciate classical art with a modern twist. These individuals are looking for unique, high-quality pieces that stand out in both technique and presentation.


Saskia Becker’s mission is to provide an accessible platform that not only showcases her unique artwork but also reflects her creative process and artistic vision, thereby connecting with her audience on a deeper level.


Jolly Web Consulting chose Webflow for Saskia’s new e-commerce site due to its flexibility in handling sites with fewer SKUs and its superior capabilities in creating visually striking and custom websites. This choice allowed us to craft a site that is as dynamic and original as Saskia’s art, giving her full control to update, manage, and display her artwork with ease.

Final Thoughts

The new Webflow website has empowered Saskia to independently update her collections, add new images, and manage her sales without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. She is thrilled with a platform that she can proudly display and use to submit her work to galleries, enhancing her visibility and engagement in the art community.

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