Business Listing Checklist

Sign up and add your business to each of these sites.
Local listings are important for SEO because they:

  • Provide valuable information about your business to prospective customers.
  • Increase your business's visibility in local search
  • Increase your chances of outranking your local competitors.

Use this check list as you go down! (don't close this page or your checks will disappear!)

Why should you have business listings?

Having qualified backlinks to your website helps grow your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Business listings are a type of backlink. They're not as important as qualified backlinks to your blog articles that show that you are a leading contributor to that type of content though. These are great to be signed up to so anybody that uses these businesses will find your business AND it helps contribute a small amount to your SEO.

If you want to rank high on google your area. Focusing on local SEO is paramount. Sign up for these places and make sure to use the same business name, phone number, and address for your business for each one!