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About The Project

Problem to Solve

Seth Berman, owner of Brewster Belt, was dissatisfied with his original BigCommerce site due to its limited SEO capabilities and lack of customization options, particularly for a real-time product customization feature. His business, specializing in custom needlepoint belts, key fobs, and dog collars, required a robust platform that could handle extensive product variants and enable a personalized shopping experience.

History of the Client

Brewster Belt has carved a niche in the e-commerce space by offering bespoke needlepoint accessories. With over 1,400 products, each customizable with numerous variants such as color, buckle type, and monogramming, the complexity of their product offerings demands a flexible and powerful e-commerce solution.


The primary audience includes fashion-forward individuals and gift-givers looking for personalized, high-quality accessories. These customers value the ability to tailor products to their specific tastes and preferences, making a customizable platform a crucial element of their shopping experience.


Brewster Belt's mission is to provide a seamless, enjoyable customization experience that allows customers to design products that are uniquely their own, without the typical limitations found in traditional e-commerce systems.


Jolly Web Consulting transitioned Brewster Belt from BigCommerce to Shopify to leverage Shopify’s superior SEO capabilities and customization flexibility. We developed a custom belt builder tool that allows customers to design their accessories in real time. The new site supports all 1,400 products and their variants, incorporating a quick-add feature and a comprehensive mega menu to easily navigate the extensive product range. This solution enhances user engagement and simplifies the purchase process.

Final Thoughts

Since the launch of the revamped Shopify site, Brewster Belt has seen significant improvements in digital performance. The conversion rate nearly doubled from 0.9% to 1.9%. Additionally, website impressions increased by 15%, and sales rose by over $5,000 in the first month alone. This upgrade has not only improved functionality but also boosted overall business growth.

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